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HVAC Access Door Gasket Performance: The Best Is About to Get Even Better!

The hvac access door gasket for AJ’s very first access door back in the year 2000 was fantastic for its time: independently tested by Architectural Testing Inc, it achieved virtually zero total air leakage at pressures as high as 10” w.g. for an outswing door under positive pressure.  No other manufacturer’s door came close.

Water leakage at the time wasn’t quite the issue it is today, but as performance expectations rose, our zero-leakage for 15 minutes at –3” w.g. was soon unacceptable.

In 2002 we introduced the foamed TPE gasket that you are familiar with, and when we combined that with our cakepan door panel design in 2005, water performance shot up to zero leakage at –7” w.g…again, best in the industry.

Today, after 18 months in development and 1 year in laboratory testing and field service, we announce the next stage in gasket design…our hollow-core EPDM gasket.

EPDM – a flexible sponge rubber – is widely used in the automotive and HVAC industries for door and light seals, and general weather stripping.  EPDM is valued for low-temperature flexibility, and excellent resistance to compression set, atmospheric degradation, alkalis, acids, and oxygenated solvents.

And our unique design allows continuous, 1-piece application to the frame.  No more corner joints.

That all sounds good, but does this new AJ gasket design seal any better?   You bet it does: ATI tested our non-thermal 24×60 cakepan door to the ASTM E331 protocol and reported zero leakage at pressures from –1” to –20” w.g.!

We are pleased to report that this new gasket will be phased into production in the very near future, beginning with our 1.7” door models.