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Manufacturing-Today Magazine article

A.J. Manufacturing, Inc. featured in manufacturing-today March/April 2014 magazine.

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With support from several of our key material, component, and processing suppliers, A.J. was honored with the opportunity to share its story of innovation, mass customization, and one piece flow with industry peers and potential customers.  The broad range of products we design and manufacture for the various markets we serve, all expect best in class performance, product durability, and top-rated customer service.  Meeting these expectations is possible when the quality of the culture provides the necessary quality of foundation to support the effects of the organization being continuously pushed and pulled.

It is nearly impossible to describe the dynamic nature of how AJ has developed into a manufacturer that produces some of the highest performing products in various markets without spending a few days touring the four facilities, but the article appropriately focused on the common thread – our employees.  Quality training, an environment that promotes skill building and communication coupled with opportunity is the key to our continued growth.  The flexibility the organization has nurtured and allowed for diversification of products, services and markets served.    We hope you enjoy a glimpse into what we do and how we do it and we invite suppliers and customers who share our values, culture, and performance expectations to contact us.

Todd Carlson