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Contractors Say Quality Trumps Costs

Robert Rourke of L.E.K. Consulting recently quoted statistics from and commented on a recent survey of more than 500 residential contractors across the United States indicating, despite the difficult and highly competitive construction market, quality remains a high priority in product selection for both the contractor and the project owner.  I was not surprised, I cannot imagine a time or circumstance where project owners could be more focused on value and quality for their money.

I know that it is tempting to trim here and cut there when designing a project, we face the same challenges in the design and construction of our products.  The truth is however, sacrificing quality materials, components, employee skill level, service, and or communication ALWAYS results in higher overall costs.  Am I suggesting that the highest cost, most featured option is necessary for every project or product – absolutely not, but discovery of how, where, why, and how a product may deliver the lowest overall cost is the key.

Ask tough questions, detailed questions of your supply chain, clarify the service level or the material specification, ask for evidence of quality and look for a reference to determine if the product representative is honest and consistent in their service.  Today, more than ever, the importance of the non-material content of our doors and window is as important as the material and workmanship.  What is non-material content?  Detailed confirmation of every order,  Manufacturer processing of freight claims on the builders behalf, Rapid processing of Warranty claims, Lean Manufacturing culture, Support of industry groups and Rapid on-site response when required are all examples of cost saving/lowering content that may be standard in the slightly higher cost product that they use on removals eastbourne, but lower the overall cost of the item.

Focus on contractor affinity, education, product durability and performance are key for A.J., make them a priority for your customer.  Challenge your team to create moments with customers where you can share your story of quality and value, I am confident the customers will respond and you will overcome the majority share of the cost objection. Check out Waterseal.net.au for more info if you wish.

Todd Carlson – President  A.J. Manufacturing, Inc.

Partner™ & Responder™ Doors meet Florida Building Code

AJ Partner™ & Responder™ Doors
Pass Certification Requirements to meet Florida Building Code

AJ Walk Doors comply with all requirements of the 2007 Florida Building Code with the exception of the HVH Zones.

Series 3100, 3700, 5100, & 7100 to 3/0×6/8:+55.0/-66.7 psf

Series 3100, 3700, 5100, & 7100 to 3/0×7/0:+49.9/-60.5 psf

Responder R41 & R51 to 3/0×6/8: +50.0/-50.0 psf

Partner 21A & 21S to 3/0×6/8: +50.0/-43.3psf

To view the test data and drawings:

  1. Go to http://floridabuilding.org/c/default.aspx
  2. Click on “Product Approval”
  3. Click on “Find a Product or Application
  4. Enter AJ’s application number — # 7648

EZ-V™ for Vinyl Windows

A.J. Manufacturing Inc. unveiled its new EZ-V™, a patented vinyl trim system for vinyl windows

1.  The EZ-V™ system is available on both the Harmony™ and Main Street windows from A.J. Manufacturing.

This exclusive and innovative design permits the installation of the vinyl window into a steel clad building with a fully trimmed panning frame that will accommodate the raised ribs of the building skin. EZ-V™ is paintable and tolerant of thermal expansion/contraction.

The benefits of using the EZ-V™ system include a dramatic reduction of installation labor. The EZ-V™ system diverts all water to the exterior of the building ensuring a leak-free installation which requires no subsequent application of J-Channel.

NIAGARA Column Brackets

The Niagara Column Bracket™ is the perfect complement to your post frame construction materials. Advanced metal processing, mill direct steel, robotically welded and independently tested for the best value column brackets in the industry. Rather than relying on component data AJ, with Halberg Engineering, undertook destructive part testing, independently tested by Architectural Testing to validate performance values for you post frame construction.

The Niagara Column Bracket™ system allows post frame construction on traditional concrete foundations. Install these engineered wall brackets with a masonry drill bit and concrete anchors.

Insulated Electrical Enclosure Access Doors

Utilizing our current technology in the HVAC access door manufacturing, AJ has developed a new access door specifically for use in electrical enclosures. These doors have been developed with a multi point latching system to allow a tight seal and ease of use for unlatching the enclosure.

For more information contact 800.328.9448 ext. 32 for Emily or ext. 47 for Corita.

14 and 16 gauge Stainless Steel HVAC Wall Panels And Doors

Due to a customer request, A.J. Manufacturing has aquired the tooling to manufacture HVAC insulated panels and access doors using 14 ga and 16 ga stainless steel. These access doors and panels will provide extreme strength to the HVAC unit, while also reducing sound attenuation in applications that require noise performance requirements.

For more information call 1-800.328.9448 ext. 32 for Emily or ext. 47 for Corita.

“Top Hat” HVAC Wall Panel For Modular Framing Systems

Our engineering team at AJ has developed a new steel insulated wall panel system for use in HVAC Modular Framing Systems. The geometry takes advantage of a stepped design to allow placement of the panel into the modular frames. The design is referred to as a Top Hat design.

For more information call 800.328.9448 ext. 32 for Emily or ext. 47 for Corita.

Stainless Steel Responder Door


Responder Door line has been expanded to include a Stainless Steel Option.  A 24 ga stainless steel panel pre-hung with three 4.5″ x 4″ fixed pin stainless steel hinges in a 16 ga stainless steel jamb, header and sill.  Built entirely of corrosion resistant 304 2B (or optional 316 2B) stainless steel materials.  Available with foamed in place lites, blocking for closer, deadbolt and panic bar installation, this door is perfect for your next job requiring corrosion resistance and high performance.

Click here to view the installation instructions. 

It is the responsibility of the building designer, contractor or material supplier to understand and confirm to their satisfaction, the limitations of 304 and 316 stainless steel and appropriate application of stainless steel doors supplied by A.J. Manufacturing, Inc.  To assist building designers, contractors or material suppliers in product selection and understanding of the material characteristics and capabilities, A.J. suggests the following link

2009 Business of the Year

Nominated by the Bloomer Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) for recognition by the Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC).  A.J. Manufacturing, Inc. has been named Chippewa County, Quadrant 1 – Business of the year for 2009.  The award is based on business activities in over 10 categories, over the past three years, including but not limited to:

  • Commitment to a safe work place
  • Commitment to employee training – technical and soft skills
  • Investment in quality facilities, tools, equipment, and technology
  • Job creating and retention
  • Participation in local and regional economic development activities
  • Product and Market development

A.J. was presented the award May 21 from the CCEDC and a letter of congratulations from U.S. Senator Herb Kohl.
Todd Carlson, general manager, expressed his thanks to employees, customers and the community for the recognition. “Thank you for your commitment to excellence, customer service and keeping A.J. on the path to success. I’m confident that if we continue to rigorously manage our business and leverage the resources of our strategic partners, vendors, and shareholders we will honor this recognition for years to come.” Carlson said.