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Engineering Workshop

Get comments from our engineers about the development of AJ’s products. Not for the faint of heart.

Insulated Electrical Enclosure Access Doors

Utilizing our current technology in the HVAC access door manufacturing, AJ has developed a new access door specifically for use in electrical enclosures. These doors have been developed with a multi point latching system to allow a tight seal and ease of use for unlatching the enclosure.

For more information contact 800.328.9448 ext. 32 for Emily or ext. 47 for Corita.

14 and 16 gauge Stainless Steel HVAC Wall Panels And Doors

Due to a customer request, A.J. Manufacturing has aquired the tooling to manufacture HVAC insulated panels and access doors using 14 ga and 16 ga stainless steel. These access doors and panels will provide extreme strength to the HVAC unit, while also reducing sound attenuation in applications that require noise performance requirements.

For more information call 1-800.328.9448 ext. 32 for Emily or ext. 47 for Corita.

“Top Hat” HVAC Wall Panel For Modular Framing Systems

Our engineering team at AJ has developed a new steel insulated wall panel system for use in HVAC Modular Framing Systems. The geometry takes advantage of a stepped design to allow placement of the panel into the modular frames. The design is referred to as a Top Hat design.

For more information call 800.328.9448 ext. 32 for Emily or ext. 47 for Corita.