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New Products

AJ Manufacturing’s newest innovative designs and product announcements.

Partner II

Introducing AJ’s newest product door, the new and improved Partner Door – the Partner Door II™.

 The Partner Door II™ delivers MORE features than ever:

  • 24 gauge hot dipped and baked polyester paint finish
  • 20 mil coated and sealed door edges
  • Stamped lock bore with composite lock block
  • Heavy-duty bulb and leaf sweep
  • New foam press and embossment die for premium 6 panel, 2 panel lited, and flush surface doors.

All of these new features are available pre-hung in aluminum (21A) or steel (21S) jambs at a REDUCED PRICE. Order a Partner Door II™ and deliver more value than ever to your customer. Your cuPartnerII_LitFrontstomer will never need to paint the door because it is factory finished!

New High Performance Gasket for Access Doors

I am pleased to announce an improvement to our product offering.  In a display of our commitment to continuous improvement and ever exceeding the needs of our customers, we have developed, tested and finalized a new high-performance gasket for our HVAC doors

18 months of development and testing have produced a gasket that will exceed your highest expectations. 

  • Just .25 cfm total air leakage at 10” wg. 
  • Not a drop of water over the sill after 15 minutes at -2”, -8”, and 14”, and 4 hours at -20”.
  • Extruded foamed EPDM rubber resists compression set, and maintains greater flexibility in cold temperatures
  • Field replaceable!   

The complete tests are available for your review.  [24×60 door tested in accordance with ASTM E-331] Thermal Door or Non-Thermal Door

We are implementing this improvement as a running change for all 2.0” aluminum frame doors.   You may have noticed that this improved gasket is already being used on all of our 1.7” doors.

Improved efficiencies in our processes here at AJ will allow us to upgrade sealing performance on all doors at no additional cost to you!

accutrac by AJ

AJ is pleased to announce a new time saving service to make your job easier…

is a web portal that allows you to check on any open order or recent shipment.  By logging onto ajdoor.com you can view the real-time status of your orders. No need to wonder if your PO has been received or when we’ll ship it.  The information is all at your fingertips.  Once an order is confirmed, you can view it on accutrac.   It will have a status of  “Scheduled”, “Scheduled to Ship”, “Shipped”, “Back Order”, or “Partial Ship”.   In addition, you  can easily obtain the tracking information for your shipped orders.   Just give us a call and we’ll set up your secure Username and Password.

is also an autmated shipment notification email sent the day we ship your order.   Every afternoon AJ will send an email for all orders shipped that day. The shipped report will list the PO Number, Part Numbers, LTL Carrier and PRO Numbers.

Texas Approval for Partner & Responder Doors

The Texas Department of Insurance has granted approval for A.J. Manufacturing Inc’s aluminum and steel-framed Partner and Responder door models to be used in designated catastrophe areas along the Texas Gulf Coast.

When installed in accordance with our instructions, the 21A Partner Door has achieved a Label Rating of +50, -43 psf, while the 41A Responder Door is rated +/- 50 psf.

TDI’s product evaluations can be found on their website at http://www.tdi.texas.gov/wind/prod/dr/dr497.pdf (Partner Door), and http://www.tdi.texas.gov/wind/prod/dr/dr498.pdf (Responder Door).

EZ-V™ for Vinyl Windows

A.J. Manufacturing Inc. unveiled its new EZ-V™, a patented vinyl trim system for vinyl windows

1.  The EZ-V™ system is available on both the Harmony™ and Main Street windows from A.J. Manufacturing.

This exclusive and innovative design permits the installation of the vinyl window into a steel clad building with a fully trimmed panning frame that will accommodate the raised ribs of the building skin. EZ-V™ is paintable and tolerant of thermal expansion/contraction.

The benefits of using the EZ-V™ system include a dramatic reduction of installation labor. The EZ-V™ system diverts all water to the exterior of the building ensuring a leak-free installation which requires no subsequent application of J-Channel.

Insulated Electrical Enclosure Access Doors

Utilizing our current technology in the HVAC access door manufacturing, AJ has developed a new access door specifically for use in electrical enclosures. These doors have been developed with a multi point latching system to allow a tight seal and ease of use for unlatching the enclosure.

For more information contact 800.328.9448 ext. 32 for Emily or ext. 47 for Corita.

14 and 16 gauge Stainless Steel HVAC Wall Panels And Doors

Due to a customer request, A.J. Manufacturing has aquired the tooling to manufacture HVAC insulated panels and access doors using 14 ga and 16 ga stainless steel. These access doors and panels will provide extreme strength to the HVAC unit, while also reducing sound attenuation in applications that require noise performance requirements.

For more information call 1-800.328.9448 ext. 32 for Emily or ext. 47 for Corita.

“Top Hat” HVAC Wall Panel For Modular Framing Systems

Our engineering team at AJ has developed a new steel insulated wall panel system for use in HVAC Modular Framing Systems. The geometry takes advantage of a stepped design to allow placement of the panel into the modular frames. The design is referred to as a Top Hat design.

For more information call 800.328.9448 ext. 32 for Emily or ext. 47 for Corita.

Stainless Steel Responder Door


Responder Door line has been expanded to include a Stainless Steel Option.  A 24 ga stainless steel panel pre-hung with three 4.5″ x 4″ fixed pin stainless steel hinges in a 16 ga stainless steel jamb, header and sill.  Built entirely of corrosion resistant 304 2B (or optional 316 2B) stainless steel materials.  Available with foamed in place lites, blocking for closer, deadbolt and panic bar installation, this door is perfect for your next job requiring corrosion resistance and high performance.

Click here to view the installation instructions. 

It is the responsibility of the building designer, contractor or material supplier to understand and confirm to their satisfaction, the limitations of 304 and 316 stainless steel and appropriate application of stainless steel doors supplied by A.J. Manufacturing, Inc.  To assist building designers, contractors or material suppliers in product selection and understanding of the material characteristics and capabilities, A.J. suggests the following link