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Partner II

Introducing AJ’s newest product door, the new and improved Partner Door – the Partner Door II™.

 The Partner Door II™ delivers MORE features than ever:

  • 24 gauge hot dipped and baked polyester paint finish
  • 20 mil coated and sealed door edges
  • Stamped lock bore with composite lock block
  • Heavy-duty bulb and leaf sweep
  • New foam press and embossment die for premium 6 panel, 2 panel lited, and flush surface doors.

All of these new features are available pre-hung in aluminum (21A) or steel (21S) jambs at a REDUCED PRICE. Order a Partner Door II™ and deliver more value than ever to your customer. Your cuPartnerII_LitFrontstomer will never need to paint the door because it is factory finished!

A.J. Freight Disclaimer

A.J. Shipping Disclaimer

A.J. Manufacturing makes every effort to protect all of the doors and windows that we ship.  We use several carriers in order to choose the best freight company for your area.   Unfortunately, sometimes freight damage does occur.

To protect yourself, it is important to always inspect your shipment upon arrival and make detailed notes on the delivery receipt of any visible damage to the crating or packaging material.  It is important to note any damage on the Bill of Lading before the carrier leaves your dock. This will allow you or A.J. to file a successful freight claim with the carrier.   If A.J. billed the freight, our customer service team will file the freight claim on your behalf.

When damage is found, contact A.J. immediately with your order number, description of the damage, and whether you will require a remake of the damaged product.   Photographs are very useful and providing them will help to expedite the claim with the freight company.

When a full or partial shipment is refused, it can cause delays between the Freight Company and notification to our customer service team so please give us a call so we can begin the replacement process.

Concealed damage, or damage found after the packaging has been opened, can also be claimed, but only for 5 days after the product has been delivered and will require photographs.

The carrier has the right to inspect the damaged product at your facility so it is important to retain that product until A.J. receives notification that the claim has been settled.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact A.J. at any time, we will walk you through the process.

Phone: 800-328-9448 • Fax: 715-568-3099 • email: info@ajdoor.com

Stainless Steel Access Doors for Clean Rooms

This was kind of cool.  A.J. Manufacturing’s Stainless Steel Access Doors are used in the University of Illinois’ lab chamber, for swine research.  As you might imagine, everything is in an environmentally controlled clean room.  Our customer Karl Arend – Project Manager at Art’s-Way Scientific said  “They look great! Thank you for all your help. Thought you might want to see them in action.”

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Manufacturing-Today Magazine article

A.J. Manufacturing, Inc. featured in manufacturing-today March/April 2014 magazine.

Click Here to read Article

With support from several of our key material, component, and processing suppliers, A.J. was honored with the opportunity to share its story of innovation, mass customization, and one piece flow with industry peers and potential customers.  The broad range of products we design and manufacture for the various markets we serve, all expect best in class performance, product durability, and top-rated customer service.  Meeting these expectations is possible when the quality of the culture provides the necessary quality of foundation to support the effects of the organization being continuously pushed and pulled.

It is nearly impossible to describe the dynamic nature of how AJ has developed into a manufacturer that produces some of the highest performing products in various markets without spending a few days touring the four facilities, but the article appropriately focused on the common thread – our employees.  Quality training, an environment that promotes skill building and communication coupled with opportunity is the key to our continued growth.  The flexibility the organization has nurtured and allowed for diversification of products, services and markets served.    We hope you enjoy a glimpse into what we do and how we do it and we invite suppliers and customers who share our values, culture, and performance expectations to contact us.

Todd Carlson


Welcome to Vince Knoch

A.J. Manufacturing is pleased to announce that Vince Knoch has joined our sales team as an Independent Sales Representative.  Vince VinceKnochwill be the post frame representative for the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia.

New High Performance Gasket for Access Doors

I am pleased to announce an improvement to our product offering.  In a display of our commitment to continuous improvement and ever exceeding the needs of our customers, we have developed, tested and finalized a new high-performance gasket for our HVAC doors

18 months of development and testing have produced a gasket that will exceed your highest expectations. 

  • Just .25 cfm total air leakage at 10” wg. 
  • Not a drop of water over the sill after 15 minutes at -2”, -8”, and 14”, and 4 hours at -20”.
  • Extruded foamed EPDM rubber resists compression set, and maintains greater flexibility in cold temperatures
  • Field replaceable!   

The complete tests are available for your review.  [24×60 door tested in accordance with ASTM E-331] Thermal Door or Non-Thermal Door

We are implementing this improvement as a running change for all 2.0” aluminum frame doors.   You may have noticed that this improved gasket is already being used on all of our 1.7” doors.

Improved efficiencies in our processes here at AJ will allow us to upgrade sealing performance on all doors at no additional cost to you!