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HVAC Foamed Access Doors and Insulated Wall Panels

High performance foamed double wall access doors for HVAC air handling units. Pre-hung, insulated door leaf with aluminum frame.


Double Wall Access Door
R Factor of 6.5 Per Inch of Door Thickness
Field Reglazeable Viewports
Field Replaceable Gaskets
Zero Total CFM Air Leak … at 10.0″ wg
Air Infiltration Performance Valid for Inswing
(T Frame) and Outswing (Z Frame) Doors
Foamed Santoprene® – Extruded Gasket Impervious to Virtually all Chemicals and Highly Flexible in Extreme Heat and Cold
Door Thicknesses Available:
1″, 1.7″, 2.0″,4″0.



• Cakepan or perimeter style
• Interior and Exterior Door skin options:
– 16, 20 or 24 ga galvanized
– 16, 20 or 24 ga galvannealed
– .040 smooth aluminum
– .024 embossed aluminum
– 24 ga stainless 304 2B
– 24 ga stainless 316 2B
– 24 ga white prepainted galvanized
• Pressure injected with 2.2 pounds per cubic foot of polyurethane foam
• Polyurethane foam bonds with door skins to make a seamless, rigid panel
• Thermal door uses a high density polyurethane thermal break.
• Frame is fabricated of commercial quality aluminum extrusions.
• Master frame is shipped completely assembled with hinges and door attached.
• Thermal frame uses a high density polyurethane thermal break.
• Frame is prepared for installation into wall panel with .250 diameter holes through the installation flange of the top, bottom and both vertical frame members.
• T Frame is used for inswing application.
• Z Frame is used for outswing application.

Stainless Steel Access Doors

For Corrosive and Demanding Environments

  • 304 2B Stainless Steel Panel and Frame
  • 316 2B Stainless Steel Panel and Frame
  • Mitered frame corners: welded and passivated
  • Stainless fixed pin hinges
  • Proprietary EPDM gasket
  • Superior performance against air and water leakage
  • SST framed window option available

Click here for the technical data sheet

  PROPER LATCH ADJUSTMENT is critical for door perforamance.  Click here for a guide to properly install Allegis Latches on AJ HVAC Doors.Inswing Doors    Outswing Doors
Note: all downloads are in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, Click here for a free copy.


Click here for a Field Service Guide and Checklist for Water Leakage Trouble Shooting.

• AJ Manufacturing’s proprietary Santoprene® gasket is press-fitted into frame for maximum air and water seal and is field replaceable.

• Door panel is prepped with anti-compression sleeves at all latch locations to provide
maximum strength and performance.
• Stainless steel hinges standard on all doors.

• Insulated tempered glass (clear/clear),  tempered/wire  glass unit or wire/wire unit in:
8” x 8” View Area  or  11” x 11” View Area • After-market viewports and reglazing kits are also available.

Glass view ports on AJ doors have been independently tested and confirmed to filter 99.99% of all UV-C radiation.

• Thermal
• Non-thermal
• Windows
• Outswing (Z Frame)
• Inswing (T Frame)PATENT PENDING

Click here to Download After Market View Port Information