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accutrac by AJ

AJ is pleased to announce a new time saving service to make your job easier…

is a web portal that allows you to check on any open order or recent shipment.  By logging onto ajdoor.com you can view the real-time status of your orders. No need to wonder if your PO has been received or when we’ll ship it.  The information is all at your fingertips.  Once an order is confirmed, you can view it on accutrac.   It will have a status of  “Scheduled”, “Scheduled to Ship”, “Shipped”, “Back Order”, or “Partial Ship”.   In addition, you  can easily obtain the tracking information for your shipped orders.   Just give us a call and we’ll set up your secure Username and Password.

is also an autmated shipment notification email sent the day we ship your order.   Every afternoon AJ will send an email for all orders shipped that day. The shipped report will list the PO Number, Part Numbers, LTL Carrier and PRO Numbers.