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Stainless Steel Responder Door


Responder Door line has been expanded to include a Stainless Steel Option.  A 24 ga stainless steel panel pre-hung with three 4.5″ x 4″ fixed pin stainless steel hinges in a 16 ga stainless steel jamb, header and sill.  Built entirely of corrosion resistant 304 2B (or optional 316 2B) stainless steel materials.  Available with foamed in place lites, blocking for closer, deadbolt and panic bar installation, this door is perfect for your next job requiring corrosion resistance and high performance.

Click here to view the installation instructions. 

It is the responsibility of the building designer, contractor or material supplier to understand and confirm to their satisfaction, the limitations of 304 and 316 stainless steel and appropriate application of stainless steel doors supplied by A.J. Manufacturing, Inc.  To assist building designers, contractors or material suppliers in product selection and understanding of the material characteristics and capabilities, A.J. suggests the following link