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3700 Series Post Frame Walk / Entry Doors

“Meets Uniform Load Structural Requirements for all U.S. coastal building zones.”

Utility Walk / Entry Doors

All doors
• Prehung 4-way universal swing
• 1-3/4” thick door panel
• Pressure injected with 2.2 pounds of polyurethane foam per cubic foot
• R-12 insulation value
• Extruded aluminum reblocks for lock
• White and brown panels and jambs
• Rolled edge door panel
• Prepainted with two coats of polyester paint for a durable and long lasting finish
• Door is mounted to the frame by three 12-gauge steel, 4 1/2 ” x 4” fixed pin hinges
• Hinges treated with rust inhibitor, painted and lacquer dipped for exterior installation
• 2’4” to 4’0” widths and double doors standard
• Prehung door individually boxed
• Designed for steel, masonry and wood construction
• All lites are aluminum framed and foamed in place

• 24 gauge smooth steel skin
• Woven polypropylene pile weatherstripping
• Panel available with crossbuck stamped design

• 3700 panel in aluminum nailing fin/J-channel jamb

Options to Fit Your Needs
· Sizes from 2’0″ to 4’0″ wide and 6’8 high available
· Single-glazed and insulated tempered door lites
· Grids available on insulated 9-Lite and Fullview Lites
· Crossbuck pattern check for availability
•  Custom Colorization Available

3100/3700 Installation Instructions
3125/3150/3725/3750 Installation Instructions
Double Door Installation Instructions
Drawing of Astragal for Double Door Installation