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Single Glazed Post-Frame Utility Windows

High Performance Single Glazed Utility Windows

Four Distinct Installation Options
AJ Manufacturing has the right window to meet your installation needs. Choose from four distinct installation options on windows up to 4’0” x 3’0” rough opening size..Built-In Nailing Fin – Series 110 & 410
For installation in buildings using pre-designed trim packages. Series 410 with screen and Series 110 without.

Built-in nailing fin
featured on 110 and
410 Series.

Built-In Self Flashing J-Channel – Series 210
For installation in a building where a J-channel is an integral part of the window.

Built-in, self-flashing
J-channel featured
on 210 Series.

Built-In EZ Fit® Self-Finishing System –Series 310
A self-finishing installation system used in new construction after the steel goes onto the building, or, as a retrofit to an existing building. Windows fit 9” and 12” rib patterns, all rib heights through 1”.

Install Series 310 windows in existing post-frame structures
with AJ’s exclusive EZ Fit® Self-Finishing System. To install
the EZ Fit® system: (1) cut window opening, (2) align top of window with top of opening, (3) slide long fin behind steel, (4) push bottom of window against steel, and (5)
slide down with short fin behind steel.

Installing in Tandem

Create a thermo-loc by installing a Series 110 with a Series 210, 310 or 410. The air pocket between the two creates an insulating effect.

Note: all downloads are in PDF format. If you do not
have Adobe Acrobat Reader, Click herefor a free copy.

110 Installation Instructions
210 & 410 Installation Instructions
310 Installation Instructions

Maintenance-Free Framework
Consistent with AJ’s high quality, the maintenance-free framework has the following features:
• Durable extruded aluminum frame and sash
• Electrostatically coated with enamel paint
• Built-in mullion to prevent frame flexing
• Sash interlock for added security and weather resistance
• All joints tested for leak protection Superior Weatherstripping
Weatherstripping that provides superior water repellency for your building.
• Nonabsorbent woven polypropylene pile weatherstripping on operating sash
• Leak-proof testing on each window
• PVC bulb weatherstripping for secure seal on 310 EZ Fit® series Durable Hardware
Hardware is constructed for durability and exceptional appearance. Parts include:
• Zinc die cast cam type locks on operating sash
• Nylon rollers on base of operating sash for smooth and easy sash movement
• Chromate-dipped stainless steel screws or plated screws fasten all framework

Durable and visually
appealing, cam sash
locks are equipped on
the operating sash
for security.

Practical Glazing and Screens
Glazing is of single-strength glass within easy-to-replace sash and screening:
• Flexible vinyl U-channel marine glazing
• Removable fixed and operating sash for easy reglazing
• Rollformed aluminum screen framing with pull tabs for easy removal
• Rust proof mesh fiberglass screen

Nylon Rollers
Provide smooth
sliding movement of
the operating sash,
creating less friction
and ease of operation.