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HVAC Access Door Gasket Performance: The Best Is About to Get Even Better!

The hvac access door gasket for AJ’s very first access door back in the year 2000 was fantastic for its time: independently tested by Architectural Testing Inc, it achieved virtually zero total air leakage at pressures as high as 10” w.g. for an outswing door under positive pressure.  No other manufacturer’s door came close.

Water leakage at the time wasn’t quite the issue it is today, but as performance expectations rose, our zero-leakage for 15 minutes at –3” w.g. was soon unacceptable.

In 2002 we introduced the foamed TPE gasket that you are familiar with, and when we combined that with our cakepan door panel design in 2005, water performance shot up to zero leakage at –7” w.g…again, best in the industry.

Today, after 18 months in development and 1 year in laboratory testing and field service, we announce the next stage in gasket design…our hollow-core EPDM gasket.

EPDM – a flexible sponge rubber – is widely used in the automotive and HVAC industries for door and light seals, and general weather stripping.  EPDM is valued for low-temperature flexibility, and excellent resistance to compression set, atmospheric degradation, alkalis, acids, and oxygenated solvents.

And our unique design allows continuous, 1-piece application to the frame.  No more corner joints.

That all sounds good, but does this new AJ gasket design seal any better?   You bet it does: ATI tested our non-thermal 24×60 cakepan door to the ASTM E331 protocol and reported zero leakage at pressures from –1” to –20” w.g.!

We are pleased to report that this new gasket will be phased into production in the very near future, beginning with our 1.7” door models.

Gold Key of Excellence Won by AJ Manufacturing

Congratulations! AJ Manufacturing, Inc.

Rural Builder readers again have selected A.J. Manufacturing as one of the best in our industry. You have won a Gold Key of Excellence Award — your 26th! — for 2012.

Rural Builder established the Gold Key tradition in 1983 as a prestigious salute to the industry’s strongest and finest companies. Your customers (our readers) recognize quality, excellence, dependability and service when they find it. This award says a lot about those qualities and how your company exemplifies them.

Winning the award starts with a special Gold Key editorial section in the July 2012 issue of Rural Builder that will announce your award to the industry.

AJ Manufacturing would like to thank our customers for voting our products and our company as one of the best in the post frame industry.  Thank you!

accutrac by AJ

AJ is pleased to announce a new time saving service to make your job easier…

is a web portal that allows you to check on any open order or recent shipment.  By logging onto ajdoor.com you can view the real-time status of your orders. No need to wonder if your PO has been received or when we’ll ship it.  The information is all at your fingertips.  Once an order is confirmed, you can view it on accutrac.   It will have a status of  “Scheduled”, “Scheduled to Ship”, “Shipped”, “Back Order”, or “Partial Ship”.   In addition, you  can easily obtain the tracking information for your shipped orders.   Just give us a call and we’ll set up your secure Username and Password.

is also an autmated shipment notification email sent the day we ship your order.   Every afternoon AJ will send an email for all orders shipped that day. The shipped report will list the PO Number, Part Numbers, LTL Carrier and PRO Numbers.

Texas Approval for Partner & Responder Doors

The Texas Department of Insurance has granted approval for A.J. Manufacturing Inc’s aluminum and steel-framed Partner and Responder door models to be used in designated catastrophe areas along the Texas Gulf Coast.

When installed in accordance with our instructions, the 21A Partner Door has achieved a Label Rating of +50, -43 psf, while the 41A Responder Door is rated +/- 50 psf.

TDI’s product evaluations can be found on their website at http://www.tdi.texas.gov/wind/prod/dr/dr497.pdf (Partner Door), and http://www.tdi.texas.gov/wind/prod/dr/dr498.pdf (Responder Door).

AJ Product Videos

How to install an A.J. Manufacturing, EZ-V Vinyl Window.

How to install an A.J. Manufacturing, EZ-Fit Aluminum Window.

How to Change the Handing of an A.J. Manufacturing Post Frame Door

Promotional Video of A.J. Manufacturing’s Access Division

How to replace the glass in a vinyl window

Company Culture – The Foundation of Value

I am honored to admit spending the better part of my youth and young adult life on the “dumb-end” of a tape measure developing my construction and leadership skills especially when i was a carpet cleaner Penarth. My father was a Journeyman Carpenter in top travel system reviews, Job-site Superintendent, Project Manager, and ultimately Partner in Successful General Contracting firm. Just as his experience was built on the proper foundation of an apprenticeship and many years of skill development, a quality project is subject to the quality of the foundation. As your vendor/partner, we not only develop the quality of our materials, designs, and processes, we focus on the quality of our Company Culture – the foundation of our business.

What does a solid foundation look like at AJ? First of all it is wide at the base, we include every single employee in the process by communicating, skill building, and providing the proper tools to be successful. Second, we replace or shore-up weak areas with technology, equipment, process improvement and training. As with any foundation, it is subject to wear and tear and must be maintained. Third, as we work on our foundation, we remain focused on the plan, we are consistent in the execution of the steps necessary to meet the expectations of quality and growth we have established. Last but not least, we are open about the process, the dirty details, the issues that are holding us back and we ask for advice and assistance from experts when needed.

The next time you compare our forklift train the trainer and products against a competitive offering, and the basic cost and performance are similar – ask one more specification question – What is the culture of the vendor?

As my father says…..”If you don’t have the time to do it right the first time, where will you find the time to do it over?”

Build your business and reputation on a solid foundation, by focusing on the Culture.

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“In everything we do in life and business, we will be Helpful, Humble, and Honest.”  – Mike Soley Sr. (MBR, Inc.)

Todd Carlson

Contractors Say Quality Trumps Costs

Robert Rourke of L.E.K. Consulting recently quoted statistics from and commented on a recent survey of more than 500 residential contractors across the United States indicating, despite the difficult and highly competitive construction market, quality remains a high priority in product selection for both the contractor and the project owner.  I was not surprised, I cannot imagine a time or circumstance where project owners could be more focused on value and quality for their money.

I know that it is tempting to trim here and cut there when designing a project, we face the same challenges in the design and construction of our products.  The truth is however, sacrificing quality materials, components, employee skill level, service, and or communication ALWAYS results in higher overall costs.  Am I suggesting that the highest cost, most featured option is necessary for every project or product – absolutely not, but discovery of how, where, why, and how a product may deliver the lowest overall cost is the key.

Ask tough questions, detailed questions of your supply chain, clarify the service level or the material specification, ask for evidence of quality and look for a reference to determine if the product representative is honest and consistent in their service.  Today, more than ever, the importance of the non-material content of our doors and window is as important as the material and workmanship.  What is non-material content?  Detailed confirmation of every order,  Manufacturer processing of freight claims on the builders behalf, Rapid processing of Warranty claims, Lean Manufacturing culture, Support of industry groups and Rapid on-site response when required are all examples of cost saving/lowering content that may be standard in the slightly higher cost product that they use on removals eastbourne, but lower the overall cost of the item.

Focus on contractor affinity, education, product durability and performance are key for A.J., make them a priority for your customer.  Challenge your team to create moments with customers where you can share your story of quality and value, I am confident the customers will respond and you will overcome the majority share of the cost objection. Check out Waterseal.net.au for more info if you wish.

Todd Carlson – President  A.J. Manufacturing, Inc.

Water Leakage Troubleshooting Guide

We are committed to the industry’s highest standards of ACCESS door and wall panel performance and we recognize our products are part of a larger system of components that must work together for optimum results.  Click here for a trouble shooting guide and checklist.

EZ-V™ for Vinyl Windows

A.J. Manufacturing Inc. unveiled its new EZ-V™, a patented vinyl trim system for vinyl windows

1.  The EZ-V™ system is available on both the Harmony™ and Main Street windows from A.J. Manufacturing.

This exclusive and innovative design permits the installation of the vinyl window into a steel clad building with a fully trimmed panning frame that will accommodate the raised ribs of the building skin. EZ-V™ is paintable and tolerant of thermal expansion/contraction.

The benefits of using the EZ-V™ system include a dramatic reduction of installation labor. The EZ-V™ system diverts all water to the exterior of the building ensuring a leak-free installation which requires no subsequent application of J-Channel.