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Extended Products

Niagara Column BracketTM

  • Longer life expectancy for your building.
  • Easy to install.
  • Building will be on grade.
  • Speeds up construction time.
  • Allows walls to go up in sections.

    Download the Niagara Column Bracket Design Guide



    Optional Hardware Pack 


    ESP Insulation

    ESP Insulation Products

    Class A/Class 1 fire rated micro foam product (no bubbles)

    Water proof, Insect resistant and No Mess!

    Custom Color Shutters

    Custom Color Painted Shutters

    Louvered design with wood grain texture and matching painted fasteners included.

    Available Sizes

    14-1/2″ x 39″
    14-1/2″ x 51″
    14-1/2″ x 63″

    Hole Deal Posthole Digger

    The first manually operated post hole digger that can dig straight sided holes of any diameter and shape and will dig in any location, even hard to get at places.

    Fiberglass handle covering
    Adjustable Pivot
    13 gauge steel handles
    Powder Coated Blades