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Post Frame Walk / Entry Doors

Utility Postframe Door
Rough Opening Charts

Consumer Grade Post Frame Doors

Economical walk doors to satisfy the cost conscious buyer, yet durable enough to please the most critical contractor.

Steel Panel ↔ Aluminum Frame (Jamb)

> 21A Partner Post Frame Door
> 3100 Series Post Frame Door

• Aluminum Panel ↔ Aluminum Frame (Jamb)

> 3100A Series Post Frame Doors

Steel Panel ↔ Steel Frame (Jamb)

> 21S Partner Post Frame Door

Rough Opening Charts

Utility Grade Post Frame Doors

A solid performer that provides you with a multitude of options for when you need more for less.

Steel Panel ↔ Aluminum Frame (Jamb)

> R41 Responder Post Frame Door
> 3700 Series Post Frame Doors

Steel Panel ↔ Steel Frame (Jamb)

> 21S Partner Post Frame Door

Rough Opening Charts

Lite Commercial Grade Post Frame Doors

AJ’s top of the line walk doors that are constructed to meet the highest of quality standards and blocking options.

Steel Panel ↔ Steel Non-Thermal Frame (Jamb)

> R51 Responder Post Frame Door
> R88 Responder Post Frame Door
> 5100 Series Post Frame Doors

Steel Thermal Panel ↔ Steel Thermal Frame (Jamb)

> 7100 Series Post Frame Doors

Fiberglass Panel ↔ Composite Frame (Jamb)

> FGx Post Frame Door

Stainless Steel Panel ↔ Stainless Steel Frame (Jamb)

> SST Responder Post Frame Door

Fire Rated Door
Rough Opening Charts

Commercial Fire Rated Postframe Doors

Steel 20 ga Smooth Skin ↔ Steel Frame (Jamb)

> Value Series 500 Post Frame Door

• Steel 16 ga Smooth Skin ↔ Steel Frame (Jamb)

> High-End Series 700 Post Frame Door

Rough Opening Charts

Ceiling Access Door (CAD)

Attic Access Door (AAD)

Save time and add value to any building that requires attic access

  • Self Flashing
  • High Performance Seal
  • Pre-Hung
  • Ready to Install

AJ Walk Doors comply with all requirements of the 2007 Florida Building Code with the exception of the HVH Zones.

Series 3100, 3700, 5100, & 7100 to 3/0x6/8:+55.0/-66.7 psf

Series 3100, 3700, 5100, & 7100 to 3/0x7/0:+49.9/-60.5 psf

Responder R41 & R51 to 3/0x6/8: +50.0/-50.0 psf

Partner 21A & 21S to 3/0x6/8: +50.0/-43.3psf

To view the test data and drawings:

  1. Go to http://floridabuilding.org/c/default.aspx
  2. Click on “Product Approval”
  3. Click on “Find a Product or Application
  4. Enter Code Version “2014” and AJ’s application number “7648”