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HVAC Access DoorS
and Wall Panels

Insulated foam injected Wall Panels and Access Doors for HVAC cabinets and filtration units.



Post frame Doors and windows

Fiberglass, Steel and Aluminum Doors. Vinyl and Aluminum Windows.



Cabinet Assembly

Complete Assembly of Air Handling Cabinets. Partner with A.J. to increase your capacity.



The A.J. Manufacturing, Inc. Advantage:

Building Ideas

A.J. Manufacturing has been your partner in innovation for over 50 years. Our dynamic and creative team is dedicated to service and quality. Even though we’ve brought many solutions to the access and post frame markets, we’re not stopping. We’re always striving for a better solution to accommodate your business needs.

Defining Value

Sure, you know A.J. Manufacturing, Inc. to be the leader in Quality and Innovative designs, but we also offer more than that. We provide you value that is not matched by our competitors. On-time shipping, along with instant tracking information emailed to you or accessed online, and order confirmations to quickly get you the information that can help make you more competitive.

Accutrac was built in-house from the ground up to provide our customers with instant shipment and order tracking through email and from the A.J. website.