AJ Diversification

Over the years, one of the core strategies adopted by AJ Manufacturing has been the planned and measured diversification of product lines. Today, AJ is involved in manufacturing more than Post Frame doors and windows; AJ is a leader in design and manufacture of HVAC Access doors, wall panels and Contract Manufacturing. As any good financial planner will advise, diversification allows individuals the ability to avoid risk, preserve capital and leverage growth. The same basic principles apply to companies that want to grow and expand in a responsible manner for the sake of the customers who have come to depend on a steadfast and stable supplier of product.

Positive results of this deliberate strategy are manifest in many ways for AJ customers. Since AJ has one common Engineering Department, innovations in one product are able to traverse product lines and benefit all. Since AJ has one common Quality Department, the most rigorous standards and tolerances are easily adopted by all segments. Since AJ has one common Shipping & Receiving Department, best methods for packaging and efficient product delivery are shared by each production line. Since AJ has one common Inside Sales/Customer Service Group, customers can be sure to reach a professional representative well versed in our broad range of products.

Diversification by AJ can help you avoid risk and reach your long-term goals, take a closer look at what makes AJ the best value.