New High Performance Gasket for Access Doors

I am pleased to announce an improvement to our product offering. In a display of our commitment to continuous improvement and ever exceeding the needs of our customers, we have developed, tested and finalized a new high-performance gasket for our HVAC doors.

18 months of development and testing have produced a gasket that will exceed your highest expectations.

  • Just .25 cfm total air leakage at 10” wg.
  • Not a drop of water over the sill after 15 minutes at -2”, -8”, and 14”, and 4 hours at -20”.
  • Extruded foamed EPDM rubber resists compression set, and maintains greater flexibility in cold temperatures
  • Field replaceable!

The complete tests are available for your review. [24×60 door tested in accordance with ASTM E-331] Thermal Door or Non-Thermal Door

We are implementing this improvement as a running change for all 2.0” aluminum frame doors. You may have noticed that this improved gasket is already being used on all of our 1.7” doors.

Improved efficiencies in our processes here at AJ will allow us to upgrade sealing performance on all doors at no additional cost to you!