Post Frame Door – Partner 21S

Economical walk doors to satisfy the cost conscious buyer, yet durable enough to please the most critical contractor. Pre-hung with 16 ga steel frame.

Product Details

  • Prehung 4-way universal swing
  • 1-3/4” thick door panel
  • Pressure injected with 2.2 pounds of polyurethane foam per cubic foot
  • R-11 insulation value
  • Hot dipped galvanized steel exterior. Polyester painted and baked for a durable and long lasting finish.
  • Premium smooth steel panels
  • 20 mil polyester coated wood stiles with siliconized sealed edges for weather resistance durability.
  • Flush design—rolled edged for style, strength, and corrosion resistance
  • Door is prepped for lockset by boring a 2-1/8″ diameter hole with a 2-3/8″ backset with a 1″edge bore and pass through mortise
  • Door panel is strengthened with a reinforcing block at the location for entry lock
  • Frame jamb, header and sill are polyester painted and baked for a durable and long lasting appearance
  • Master frame is shipped completely assembled with hinges and door attached
  • A unique design allows the weatherstripped header parting stop to be snapped in place after the door has been installed to insure a weather tight installation
  • 2 bulb and three leaf bottom sweep
  • Sill is a low profile design, which complies with ADA handicap accessible guidelines. It is 3-1/2″ deep and 1/2″ high
  • Each door is individually cartoned

Product Specifications

Frame Type: Steel
Door Skin: 16 ga steel frame
Hinges: 4.5" x 4" fixed pin stainless steel
Colors: White
Optional Door Lite: 22" x 36"
Available Sizes: 3068
Pattern: Standard: Flush | Optional: 2-panel, 6-panel

AJ Walk Doors comply with all requirements of the 2023 Florida Building Code with the exception of HVH Zones to pressures of +55.0/-60.6 (>140 mph coastal wind zones).

To view test data and drawings go to, click on “product Approval”, “Find a Product or Application”, and enter AJ’s application number. # 38034.