Post Frame Door – Responder R51 SST

The advanced technology and flexible platform of the Responder door continue to deliver value with the SST Responder door. Built entirely of corrosive resistant 304 2B stainless steel materials, the SST door is the right choice for demanding applications.

Product Details

  • Application: The Access SST is a 100% stainless steel door assembly appropriate and required for many corrosive and demanding environments.
  • Door Construction: 1-3/4” thick panel pressure injected with 2.2 pounds of polyurethane foam per cubic foot.
  • 304 2B Stainless Steel interior and exterior sheets, standard. 316 2B available.
  • Cake Pan design with overlapping sheets front and back bond with the foam to create a seamless, rigid panel with an insulating value of R11.
  • Master Frame Construction: Frame is formed with 16 ga 304 2B standard / 316 2B optional stainless steel.
  • Frame is shipped completely assembled with hinges and door attached.
  • Mitered frame corners are welded and passivated Integrated stop leg prevents gasket over-compression.
  • Hardware: 12 ga stainless steel, 4″ x 4-1/2″ fixed pin hinges
  • Allegis latch assemblies with progressive roller cam are recommended for high performance applications.
  • Gasket:Proprietary EPDM hollow-core, self-adhesive gasket has demonstrated superior performance against air and water leaks in independent laboratory tests.
  • Window: Stainless steel framed windows are available in Lexan, Clear Temp/Clear Temp, and Clear/Wire configurations.

Product Specifications

Frame Type: Stainless Steel
Door SKin: 24 ga 304 2B stainless steel
Hinges: 4.5" x 4" fixed pin stainless steel
Colors: Mill
Optional Door Lite: 22x22, 22x30, 22x36
Available Sizes: 3068, 3668, 4068, 6068, 7068, 8068, 3070, 3670, 4070, 6070, 7070, 8080
Pattern: Flush

AJ Walk Doors comply with all requirements of the 2023 Florida Building Code with the exception of HVH Zones to pressures of +55.0/-60.6 (>140 mph coastal wind zones).

To view test data and drawings go to, click on “product Approval”, “Find a Product or Application”, and enter AJ’s application number. # 38034.