How to Install a Window with EZ-V™ Vinyl Trim

Watch our install video or read our installation instructions to learn how fast and easy vinyl window installation can be using AJ’s post frame industry exclusive patented EZ-v™ Vinyl Trim system for Vinyl post frame windows.  Designed for use with…

How to Reverse the Handing of your AJ Door

4-Way universal handing doors are easy to reverse – even on doors with a window or deadbolt. Click HERE to open the Hinge Reversing Guide. The video below shows how to easily reverse the handing of your AJ door.

Water Leakage Troubleshooting Guide

We are committed to the industry’s highest standards of ACCESS door and wall panel performance and we recognize our products are part of a larger system of components that must work together for optimum results. Click here for a troubleshooting…

Allegis Latch Installation

Proper latch installation is critical for door performance. We’ve prepared a handy guide to properly install Allegis or Ventlok Latches on AJ HVAC Doors in PDF format. Outswing Latch Install Guide Inswing Latch Install Guide Ventlok 310 Latch Installation