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Vinyl Post Frame Windows

When the demands of nature require higher performance. Works with EZ-V™ Trim System.call

EZ-V™ Vinyl Window Trim System

AJ knows that your time and your crew’s time is valuable and would like to help you save time with our patented and exclusive new EZ-v vinyl trim and flashing system for vinyl windows.  The EZ-v vinyl trim system is an industry first and exclusive solution delivering peace of mind.

The EZ-v vinyl trim system reduces the time it takes to install vinyl windows in a post frame structure.  It properly flashes the head, sill and verticals for the best possible leak resistance.  The EZ-V trim system looks great every time and is available on a full range of Main Street and Harmony windows from AJ.

Your customers, crews and sales team will thank you for making it available.  Conflicts of thermal expansion are no problem, because the trim and the window are both vinyl.  The vertical installation holes on the verticals are slotted to allow the vinyl to move as it warms up. Click here to view the full press release.

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